SmartCurl is a groundbreaking salon service designed to help people enjoy their SmartCurlAdvert_8x10naturally beautiful curly hair without the frustration of unruly frizz or the unmanageable reaction to humidity.

SmartCurl Client Benefits

Eliminates humidity induced frizz
• Hair no longer reacts to humidity

SmartCurl is the healthy solution for curly and frizzy hair manageability
• Enhances curl formation and adds body
• Results in touchable curly hair that you can run your fingers through
• Makes hair softer and increases shine
• Reduces drying time by 50%, blow dry smooth with ease
• 100% natural and nontoxic

SmartCurl is permanent, it lasts until hair grows out

SmartCurl Salon Benefits

→ NO fumes
→ NO formaldehyde
→ NO fadage
→ NO toxins
→ NO at ironing
→ NO at lifeless hair

How it works

SmartCurl permanently eliminates genetic frizz by addressing the condition at the very cortex of the hair and at a micro-molecular level. Hair is primarily protein held together by three types of bonds, one of which is an electro magnetic hydrogen bond. Frizz is caused by vacant hydrogen bonds. These ‘vacant’ bonds are missing
a hydrogen atom and desperately try to self-correct the situation by trying to obtain the missing hydrogen atom from moisture (H2O) in the air. This is why frizz prone hair in ates in humidity.

SmartCurl uses naturally occurring heavy water also known as Deuterium (a stable isotope of hydrogen) to remove frizz at its source by providing the vacant hydrogen bond the missing hydrogen atom it desires. Once donated, the hydrogen bond is permanently corrected and sealed, resulting in hair that stops endlessly seeking external moisture. The result is hair that is no longer in a frazzled, frizzy state. Instead hair is now calm and smooth.

In addition to sealing the vacant frizz causing hydrogen bond, SmartCurl also contains a proprietary blend of botanicals, oils and essential amino and fatty acids that help to restore hair to an optimal level of moisture and strength resulting in hair that is stronger, shinier and more manageable.

UltraRepair Reconstructing Masque is the final step of the treatment. It was developed specifically for SmartCurl treated hair and provides additional essential short chain amino and fatty acids necessary to achieve the visible results of the treatment. The masque is applied immediately after SmartCurl, is rinsed out of the hair, and must be used once per week at home following the treatment to maintain the desired results.